Terranova – Kvarken Nature Centre

In Terranova you can explore and experience the beautiful archipelago of the Kvarken area with all your senses. You can admire and listen to the sounds of all common birds singing, tap a seal and have a peek at our virtual aquarium, where you will see fishes of all sizes.

The mosquitoes are buzzing in the insect room, where you will also find all the beautiful butterflies of the area. All the birds and mammals of the Kvarken area are found in the scientific collections of the nature centre. In the auditorium you may look at nature films, including a film about the Ice Age and the local phenomenon of rising land, explained to you in a clear and fascinating way. Terranova also provides information about nature tourism and special interest activities in this unique landscape.

You can look around by yourself or make a reservation for a guided tour beforehand.

In 2016 the Kvarken Archipelago / High Coast World Heritage Site celebrates 10 years as a World Heritage Site. Read more www.merenkurkku.fi.