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Tourism Kajaani & Kajaani Guide

This picturesque town lies on the Oulujoki river, southeast of Lake Oulujärvi, and is famed for its fishing, especially Lake Ruuhijärvi, and for the beauty of the surrounding region which includes the nature protection area Talaskangas and the Otanmäki Bird Basin. Despite its small size, Kajaani has a full calendar of events including Kajaani Poetry Week, Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival, the unique, and hilarious, Swamp Soccer World Championships, Vuokatti Hiihto Skiing Race, Kainuun Rastiviikko Orienteering Race, and Kajaani Tanssii Dance Event.

Tourist attractions Kajaani

Near the Town Hall you’ll find the Kajaani Art Museum, sited in the town’s former police station, which was built in the Functional style by local architect Eino Pitkänen who designed many of the other impressive buildings in Kajaani. Tourists also find the old tar channel interesting, likewise the gatekeeper’s house, the Jaeger monument, and the Manor Hotel Karolineburg which is situated next to the river. The second oldest building in Kajaani, the old library is now home to an arts & crafts centre and Taito Shop Kainuun Pirtti. Not too far away you can view the railway station, which was built using traditional styles of carpentry, and the Wall of Tears, built to aid people during the great depression. Although the oldest building in the centre of the town is the Town Hall, dating from 1831 and designed by C.L. Engel, the town is famous for the ruins of Kajaani Castle which was built in 1604 on an island in the middle of Kajaaninjoki River, the last medieval styled fortification in Scandinavia.

The Evangelic-Lutheran church in Kajaani is an excellent example of the Neo-Gothic movement, and was completed in 1896, designed by architect Jac Ahrenberg. Nearby visitors are charmed by the the famous wooden church in Paltaniemi; this picturesque place of worship was built in 1762, and houses highly valuable wall and ceiling paintings from the 18th century by Emanuel Granberg.

Other popular spots in and around Kajaani are Vimpelinvaara, a sports and outdoor recreation area, and Rehja Island, where you may stay in a holiday cottage in the middle of Lake Nuasjärvi. Or take a day trip to Vuokatti, Kuhmo, Suomussalmi, Lake Oulujärvi, Paljakka and Ukkohalla. Each has its own special delights, whether involving proud traditions or the latest attractions, and all are located close enough to each other to be easily reached by car, regardless of where you choose to stay the night.

Alternatively, you can go on bear watching safaris, fly-fish, hike or hire quad bikes. Golf, swimming from golden beaches, trips to spas, even cross-country skiing and snowboarding indoors on artificial snow are all possible. There are enough holiday activities in the Kajaani region to give you as good a time as anywhere in Finland.