Bars & Pubs

photo © City of Helsinki / Royal Restaurants

Bars & Pubs in Finland

The word bar in Finland is somewhat of a generic term for all types of premises that serve alcohol, including pubs and clubs. Just about every centre of population in Finland, no matter how small, will have a bar, even if it doesn’t have a post office. In the larger population centres bars proliferate, and come in every shape, size and type.

For example, in Helsinki you can find bars specifically catering to heavy metal fans, blues and jazz afficianados, sports bars, pool and billiards bars, a growing number of karaoke bars, and even a tram that is converted into a mobile bar that trundles around the city past many of the most notable tourist sights. In some bars you can find card tables where croupiers work on weekend nights.

Finland also has a number of fine microbreweries which follow the traditional method of using Finnish malt, yeast and hops diligently, and may also produce their own ciders. These microbreweries usually operate a restaurant, allowing customers to savour the unique flavours of their creations with wholesome, traditional Finnish meals. The Finnish microbreweries are: Lammin Sahti in Lammi, the oldest of them all; Panimoravintola in Savonlinna, Tampere, Turku, and three locations in Helsinki – one of which is on the island fortress of Suomenlinna; Hollolan Hirvi in Hollola; Panimo & Tislaamo in Lahti; and Ålands Bryggeri in Godby in the Åland Archipelago.