Discovering Lapland -
the northernmost region of Finland

Photo by Safartica

Lapland – the northernmost region & attraction in Finland

For most people considering Lapland holidays, the winter season comes first to mind. Finnish Lapland is a unique winter holiday destination, where numerous activities can be combined with visits to Santa’s home; where endless night is lit by the Northern Lights. However, Finnish Lapland isn’t only a winter holiday destination; during the warmer summer months there are as many activities and attractions to fill out a holiday visit in this northernmost region of Finland.

Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland, is an energetic jewel of the north, packed with cultural attractions and unique adventures. Thanks to its location in the midst of a pristine arctic wilderness, Rovaniemi is also the perfect base for visitors seeking outdoors activities, no matter the season.

Discover Finnish Lapland!

From the southeastern region of Kuusamo-Ruka to Utsjoki in the north, Finnish Lapland’s greatest attraction is its unique diversity of natural landscapes. Here you’ll find many of Europe’s last true wildernesses, as well as the three largest of Finland’s National Parks. Trails of every length and level abound, making the region an ideal destination for hikers, trekkers, mountain bikers, and horse riders.

Pure Lappish Waters

Finnish Lapland is known for having the purest air in Europe, and its rivers and lakes are also known for their clarity and purity. The broad river Teno, as it flows through Karigasniemi past Utsjoki and on to the Arctic Ocean, is world famous for its Atlantic Salmon fishing. The many other rivers and lakes are perfect for canoeing and kayaking, white-water rafting, or simply swimming under the midnight sun!

Finnish Nature Up Close

Many visitors to Finnish Lapland come with their cameras to capture some of Europe’s most impressive wild predators. Guided tours and well equipped hides allow visitors to get near and photograph bears, wolves, wolverines, and the many eagles, owls, and hawks live and hunt in the arctic wild. Ranua Wildlife Park affords visitors the chance to see and learn about all of Finland’s main fauna, as well as other animals native to northerly climates, while in the Tankavaara Gold Village guests can become immersed in the history and authentic culture of Finland’s gold-mining pioneers, and even pan for their own gold!

Guided Excursions and Tours in Lapland

One of the best ways of exploring Finnish Lapland is on a guided tour led a local expert who can inform and educate as you make your way through the forests or over the fells. Professional guides like Safartica provide a wide range of tours and excursions that range from a few hours to a full day, and include such outdoors adventures as Midnight Sun floating, Arctic Survival excursions, berry-picking, and wilderness hikes in the summer. In the autumn and winter visitors can choose from tours like ice-floating, snowmobile trips, Aurora picnics, ice-fishing, or simply day-trips to the world’s most northerly zoo at Ranua Wildlife Park.

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