Discovering Lapland

Discovering Lapland –  The Northernmost Region of Finland

For most people considering Lapland holidays, the winter season comes first to mind. Finnish Lapland is a unique winter holiday destination, where numerous activities can be combined with visits to Santa’s home; where endless nights are lit by the Northern Lights. However, Finnish Lapland isn’t only a winter holiday destination; during the warmer summer months there are as many activities and attractions to fill out a holiday visit in this northernmost region of Finland.

Discover Finnish Lapland!


Located in the Lapland municipality of Kittilä, Levi Resort is one of Finland’s most famous winter destinations and its largest ski resort. In recent decades Levi has also become a popular all year round destination, with a wide range of activities and adventures available for those visiting out of season.

Original Lapland

The Original Lapland invites you to experience the shared cultural area of Finland and Sweden in the majestic Tornio-Muonio River area, also called the Tornio River Valley. The area stretches from Tornio to Kilpisjärvi, from lush river estuaries to grand mountains. Original Lapland offers genuine experiences, nature, culture, and an introduction to a unique way of life.

Lapland North

Lapland North is a year-round travel destination, with a unique and vibrant local culture, and numerous outdoor activities available amid the majestic fells and in Finland’s two largest national parks. It is the most authentic region of Finnish Lapland, there are three Sámi dialects spoken in different parts. The area covers a huge swathe of Finnish Lapland stretching from the Saariselkä resort at its southern edge, to Nuorgam 240 km north, and covering the Sápmi villages between.


In Ranua, located in the middle of forests and marshes, you can experience authentic nature experiences and Lapland’s village culture. The area offers a wide range of program services and accommodation options. Ranua is known for the Ranua wildlife park for arctic animals.

Finnish Nature Up Close

Many visitors to Finnish Lapland come with their cameras to capture some of Europe’s most impressive wild predators. Guided tours and well equipped hides allow visitors to get near to and photograph bears, in Karhu Kuusamo. Ranua Wildlife Park affords visitors the chance to see and learn about all of Finland’s main fauna, as well as other animals native to northerly climates, while Polar Lights Tours Wilderness Resort, near Levi, is a family owned farm and wilderness resort which provides an ideal base for enjoying the surrounding pristine nature of the Lapland wilderness, and a range of activities including  husky safaris, horse trekking, and guided tours. Inari Onnela Wilderness Services serves its guests year-round on the shores of Lake Inari, in the Vätsäri wilderness area on Onnela’s old farm. In Onnela, you can spend your vacation in complete peace and tranquillity, and experience the untouched wilderness and its complete silence.

Accommodation in Lapland

Santa’s Hotels is a Lappish family-owned hotel chain, operating in five destinations in Finnish Lapland – Rovaniemi, Levi, Saariselkä, Kilpisjärvi, and Luosto – as well as in Kalajoki, Otstrobothnia. Santa’s Hotels provides a range of options needed to ensure the perfect vacation: First-class dining, high-quality hotel rooms, premium glass igloos, full-service chalets and fully-equipped apartments.

Located in the heart of Levi, the biggest ski resort in Finland, Break Sokos Hotel Levi offers its guests easy access to all the services in the resort, while overlooking stunning fells and next to pristine Lapland nature. The hotel provides guests with a vibrant interlude from everyday life, where you can spend time speeding downhill or enjoying fine art, as well as mush huskies or pet friendly reindeer.

Levi Hotels Spa resort has two unique hotels. The cosy Levi Hotel Spa, with Water World Levi  is perfect for those of all ages who are ready to experience the Lapland holiday feeling, Design Hotel Levi invites you to another reality where design and nature intertwine. A contemporary and stunningly beautiful second home amidst the Lappish wilderness

The 5-star LevinSky Luxury Villa features three floors with six luxurious bedrooms, an open-plan living area with a large open fireplace, a modern kitchen, and wide panoramic windows overlooking the last great wilderness in Europe.

Tucked away on the eastern slopes of Levi, with a view over the Ounasjoki river, Levi Spirit is a rustic-chic resort that combines all the elements that make for a memorable vacation. There are nine luxury villas with modern Nordic design and luxurious furnishings in the Levi Spirit resort.

You can experience an unforgettable stay in unique Arctic Glass Cubes in Top Star Saariselkä. Scandinavian design and state-of-the-art technology. High-end accommodation with stunning views. A safe environment to enjoy Lapland’s incredible nature. Access is easy and safe through a private entrance. Also suitable for long-term accommodation.

Saariselkä is located in Northern Lapland in FInland. Kolmen Koukun cottages can be found In the middle of Saariselkä village. Kolmen Koukun cabins are atmospheric, spacious cabins, which have everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Hotel Levi Panorama is a high-quality hotel located on the front slope of Levi, above Levi village. The stunning views from Hotel Levi Panorama extend over nearby fells of Pallas and Kätkä. Enjoy Lapland’s summer with its endless bright nights or the colorful autumn and beautiful Northern Lights.

Pure Lappish Waters

Finnish Lapland is known for having the purest air in Europe, and its rivers and lakes are also known for their clarity and purity. The entire 500-kilometre length of the wild Tornio River offers excellent fishing opportunities, however it is Pello, the fisherman’s paradise, that has been designated as Finland’s official fishing capital. And the broad river Teno, as it flows through Karigasniemi past Utsjoki and on to the Arctic Ocean, is world famous for its Atlantic Salmon fishing. The many other rivers and lakes are perfect for canoeing and kayaking, white-water rafting, or simply swimming under the midnight sun!

National Parks in Lapland

Finnish Lapland’s greatest attraction is its unique diversity of natural landscapes. Here you’ll find many of Europe’s last true wildernesses, as well as the three largest of Finland’s National Parks. Trails of every length and level abound, making the region an ideal destination for hikers, trekkers, mountain bikers, and horse riders.