Ski Resorts & Skiing in Finland

photo © Visit Finland

Skiing holiday in Finland

Skiing, whether cross-country or downhill, is always popular, and there are opportunities from the Baltic coast in the south right up the northernmost hills of Lapland to enjoy this sport. Snowboarding, tobogganing, and snowshoe trekking are also great ways of getting out and about in the snow, but for those who prefer to conserve their energies there are plenty of snowmobiles available to rent, or even the chance to take a reindeer or husky-pulled sleigh ride.

Although Finland does not boast the kind of high altitude resorts which have made Switzerland, Austria, and Italy so popular, it can guarantee snow for up to 200 days of the year, and there are over 100 resorts in the country. These range from the very small, with just a couple of slopes and one lift, to the very large – Levi Ski Resort, for example, has 43 slopes.

There are a number of reasons why the number of skiing tourists visiting Finland has been growing over the years. One of the reasons for Finland’s growing popularity as a skiing holiday destination is the pristine natural scenery: if you enjoy skiing in breathtaking scenery, among peaceful forests that seem like a fairytale land of ice-sculptures, with frozen lakes dotting the landscapes, then Finland is for you.

Ski resorts in Finland

The largest of the ski resorts tend to be located in Finnish Lapland, although there are 31 in Central Finland and another 26 in the south. In comparison with some of their European counterparts, the resorts are at low altitudes, located on the Arctic Fells which are usually between 500 and 800 metres high. These ski resorts are ideal for beginners and intermediate skiers, although there is always some challenging off-piste skiing to attract the more experienced.

A skiing holiday in Finland is the perfect family holiday. The resorts provide excellent facilities, and there is always a range of other winter activities to engage in, such as reindeer or dog-sled safaris, and the Polar Night and the Northern Lights create a truly unique and charming setting that adults and children alike will enjoy.

Cross Country Skiing in Finland

One of Finland’s most significant winter attractions is the number, and range, of cross country ski trails; there are literally thousands of kilometres of cross country trails, of all levels and degrees of difficulty, across Finland. The vast majority of Finland’s countryside is pristine and untouched, and cross country skiing allows visitors to enjoy this unique landscape in a truly ecologically and environementally friendly way. What better way to rejuvenate the mind, while strenghtening the body! Should you sleep in and miss the limited daylight hours, Finland has plenty of cross country trails that are floodlit at night.

The season in Lapland and the north lasts from early November until May, in Central Finland from the end of November until April, and in Southern Finland, the season is from December until early April. All the main Finnish ski resorts provide lessons and equipment rentals, and many of the Finnish hotels also provide equipment for rent.