photo © Posio Tourism Association

The municipality and town of Posio is situated in an idyllic part of southern Lapland; surrounded by ancient forests, lakes, canyons and waterways, this magical part of northern Finland, an old Sámi district, has long been a popular destination with nature lovers, hikers and anglers. There are literally thousands of lakes and ponds here, and in the winter there is a long period of snow cover due to it being a highland area.

Tourism Posio & Posio Travel Guide

A little north of the town of Posio lies Riisitunturi National Park, with its colourful hanging bogs decorating the fell slopes. From the top of these fells visitors can enjoy some of the most delightful views in all of Finland, and the hiking trails are perfect for trekkers who want to spend a couple of days in an untouched landscape. The park is closely connected to the protected mire area of Karitunturi Fell, and is also near the exceptionally rugged landscape of Korouoma Canyon nature reserve, with its protected old growth forests, rich in herbs. A little further off is Auttiköngäs, with its 16m high waterfalls, another protected area with a forest so old that it can be designated as primary or virgin forest.

Posio is also famed for being the home of the northernmost ceramics studio in the world, the world renowned Pentik. At the Pentik studio, ceramic art is hand-made by skilled craftsmen, drawing inspiration from the wild yet delicate beauty of Lapland’s nature. Since 2009 the studio has been joined by a gallery, where exhibitions change every six months. Visitors can’t miss it, thanks to a 10-meter high mosaic relief!

Other attractions in the municipality include the Ethnographic Museum of the Posio Municipality, located on the southern shores of Lake Kitkajärvi in the village of Lohiranta, and a little further on visitors will find the historic Akanlahti log dispatching facility. The facility was used to dispatch timber from Lake Kitkajärvi to Lake Livojärvi from the 1930s to the 1960s.