Helsinki Zoo – Korkeasaari

Island of animals near Helsinki city centre

Korkeasaari Zoo is uniquely located on an island, in the Baltic Sea, only a short distance from Helsinki city centre. It takes only 20 minutes to reach Korkeasaari. Hop on bus 16 at the Railway Station, or take a ferry from Helsinki Market Square. Korkeasaari Zoo is home to more than 150 animal species from the Himalayan slopes to the African deserts and from the northern coniferous forests of the Amazon jungle. The garden, which is over 100 years old, blooms in summer, but it is just as impressive in fall colors or when the Zoo is covered with snow. Although Helsinki Cathedral is within sight, on Korkeasaari you can enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding archipelago every day of the year.

Animals adapted to cold environments

It’s no coincidence that the only bare spot on a snow leopard is its nose, or that the snowy owl is white and fluffy. Animals have the means to adapt to cold and snowy environments. The large animals of Korkeasaari have space and the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors all year round, as animal welfare is the basis of the operations of Korkeasaari. So in Korkeasaari you will not see giraffes or a hippopotamus, but for example a wolverine, wild reindeer, amur tiger and two-humped camel – all species that can adapt to the cold.

On cool days, especially during winter, it is a good idea to dress warmly for the trip. However, if the weather surprises you, head into the tropical houses to meet little monkeys, parrots, snakes, and many other warm area animals. The tropical houses of Korkeasaari are warmed up by emission-free circulating heat.

A great day trip destination, every day of the year

Korkeasaari has been a favorite destination for Finns from generation to generation, for well over a hundred years. Spending time together on Korkeasaari is a nice experience: there is plenty to see and learn for all ages, and the length and pace of the excursion can be chosen at your own discretion. There are several playgrounds and resting places, and places to eat. At least one restaurant is open all year round and there are several options in the summer. For those who have packed their own snacks, there are indoor picnic places with microwaves and several places with self-use outdoor grills in the natural surroundings. For those wanting a real excursion, pack your lunch with utensils in your backpack and head for the shelter or hut.

Free maps with a programme and services are available at the ticket office. The map helps you to find your favorite animals, picnic and restaurant area, toilets, babysitting rooms, and much more.

By visiting Korkeasaari Zoo, you support biodiversity and endangered species

Do you know what a European bison, bearded vulture, a European forest reindeer and Przewalski’s horse have in common? All those species have been lost from the wild locally or globally and brought back from extinction with the help of zoos, Korkeasaari Zoo among them.

Korkeasaari Zoos mission is to conserve biodiversity. In cooperation with other modern zoos Korkeasaari Zoo breeds endangered species to maintain healthy and viable zoo populations. To protect wild animals and their natural habitats, Korkeasaari Zoo donates annually to various field conservation projects. Bring your coins and donate to the project of your choice. By visiting Korkeasaari Zoo, you support our work as defenders of biodiversity and endangered species.