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photo © Discovering Finland

City Parks for Kids

Virtually every neighborhood in every town and city in Finland will have a play park for children, and these are invariably kept impeccably and perfectly safe. It is not unusual to see toys and playthings left tidily next to slides, swings and roundabouts at the end of the day, as Finnish children would never take home toys that didn’t belong to them.

In addition to all the play parks, there are numerous Traffic Parks across Finland where the very young are introduced to driving, and the rules of the road at an early age. For example, at the Kangasala Childrens Traffic Park children can even get their driving licence the same day. Other popular Childrens Traffic Parks in Finland include Valkeakoski Children’s Traffic Parks, Jyväskylä Traffic Park and Lasten Liikennekaupunki in Helsinki.

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