SEA LIFE Helsinki – amazing underwater world

SEA LIFE Helsinki transports you into an amazing underwater world. Be wowed by the beautiful and fascinating creatures of the deep sea, and prepare for astonishingly close views. Take a magical journey through the world’s oceans, experienced with more amazing sea creatures like sharks, turtles, rays and seahorses!

SEA LIFE takes you on a voyage from the tropical oceans to the Arctic Sea, stopping at the Baltic Sea along the way. Discover strange and fascinating underwater worlds, home to crabs and starfish as well as sharks and rays. Visitors can step inside the 250 cubic meter ocean tank through a transparent tunnel. In SEA LIFE you will have experiences with wonderful sea animals and learn new things about ocean conservation. The exhibitions present many species whose environments are threatened by pollution and other environmental damage caused by humans.

SEA LIFE Helsinki is open every day of the year except December 24th and 25th. The SEA LIFE aquarium is located next to Linnanmäki Amusement Park.