Tour Operators & Sightseeing

photo © Visit Finland

Tour Operators & Sightseeing in Finland

For many visitors coming to Finland, a guided tour is the easiest way of combining their accommodation, dining, and area of interest into a package holiday. There are numerous companies, both within Finland and abroad, offering a truly extraordinary range of tour holidays throughout the country.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Hiking tours through wilderness areas near the border with Russia,  such as Martinselkonen Wilds Centre, Lake Kovajärvi, etc.
  • Cross-country skiing tours through the Finland’s north-eastern border area, Finnish Kainuu, right on the Russian border.
  • Cross-country skiing tours through the forests of Finnish Karelia
  • Winter sports and activities tours in the Kainuu region of Eastern Finland
  • Wildlife watching excursions, kayaking, soft canoeing, hiking and introductions to Finnish culture tours
  • Snowshoe tours through the pristine wilderness of the Finnish wild taiga area
  • Santa Claus tours in Lapland, including visits to Santa’s Village and meeting Santa Claus at his log cabin
  • Guided Tours of Helsinki and Suomenlinna Maritime Fortress, exploring the cities history and architecture
  • Birdwatching tours in the Finnish forests or in the archipelagos
  • Brown bear watching tours