photo © Discover Muonio – Oscar Manguy

Tourism Muonio – Travel Guide

Bordered by the Muonio River, and Sweden, to the west, and Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park to the east, Muonio in Finnish Lapland is a natural paradise that is home to the purest air in the world. A sparsely populated region dominated by a chain of over 20 fells that stretches for 100km, Muonio boasts over 200 lakes, as well as numerous brooks and rivers, taiga forests, and wild mires. There are numerous outdoor adventures to enjoy here, no matter the season, with countless hiking, cycling, and skiing trails crossing one of Europe’s last great wildernesses.

The two most significant attractions are Pallas-Yllästunturi, the third largest in Finland and the most visited, and the Muonio River, the longest free-flowing river in Europe which is one of Europe’s finest salmon fishing destinations. In autumn, Muonio’s fells and lowlands are particularly beautiful as the region is swathed in the reds and oranges of ruska. Located directly under the aurora oval, the region is also perfect for aurora hunting, with the Northern Lights visible for about half of all nights. Winter is long here, with snows arriving in October and lasting until late May, which attracts skiers, snowboarders and other winter sports enthusiasts.