Museo Militaria

Museo Militaria is one of the largest war and military history museums in Finland. The museum started operating in 2013, when the Finnish Artillery Museum, the Pioneer Museum and The National Signals Museum were combined into one museum. The museum especially reserves the cultural heritage of armed forces in Finnish artillery, pioneers and military signalling and conveys related information, stories and experiences. Museo Militaria is located in the birthplace of the city of Hämeenlinna, in the historic castle barracks, next to the mediaeval Häme Castle. The museum is a cooperative museum of the Military Museum belonging to the organisation of the Defense Forces.

The museum offers a lot to see and experience for those interested in Finnish history as well as military life and military history, and is perfect as an excursion destination for the whole family. Covering three floors of the main building, the extensive main exhibition comprehensively presents the history of the museum’s three types of weapons from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. At the same time, visitors journey through the history of Finland. In the changing exhibitions, the themes of the main exhibition are explored in depth with overviews also made beyond the main weapon types on display.

The museum is located in the old red brick barracks built in the 19th century and the 1910s. In addition to the indoor exhibits, the museum includes a fenced outdoor exhibition area where, in addition to the largest cannons, the pioneers’ heavy equipment such as vehicles and military crossing equipment are on display. Also located in the outdoor exhibition area are the separate buildings for changing exhibitions, the Artillery Hall, and the military amateur radio station.

Museo Militaria is open all year round. In the museum’s main building, customers are served by the museum shop and the museum Café Militaria, where you can get hot and cold refreshments and snacks during the museum’s opening hours.

In addition to its own tickets, Museum Militaria has a joint ticket for sale, which allows you to visit The Parola Armour Museum in Hattula. You can also purchase the regional ticket, which includes Häme Castle and Prison in addition to the Militaria Museum.