Igloo hotels & Ice Hotels Finland

photo of Igloo Hotel Finland by © Visit Finland

Find an igloo hotel or ice hotel in Finland

Possibly the most exotic choice of accommodations available in Finland are the many ice hotels and igloo hotels that now abound, especially in Finnish Lapland.

Spending the night in a room or igloo made of snow and ice has become an increasingly popular alternative for many visitors to Finnish Lapland. Visitors can choose from a room in an ice hotel, or in some places in a traditional igloo, safe in the knowledge that no matter how cold it gets outside (and it might drop below -30º Celsius!) you’ll be snug and warm on your soft bed in a thick and comfy sleeping bag. The snow rooms in Finland are generally kept at a temperature of between 0ºC and -5ºC, and most accommodation ensures you get to have a hot berry juice before you nod off.

Ice Hotels, Snow Igloos & Icy Attractions in Finland

At the northern edge of the Gulf of Bothnia, close to the Swedish border, the Kemi SnowHotel resort is one of the first snow hotels to open in Finland. From its humble beginnings the resort has grown both in size and popularity over the years, and now includes the cozy Seaside Glass Villas as an alternative to the famous rooms of ice. The other attractions also include the IceRestaurant 365, an Ice Bar, and countless delightful ice sculptures decorating the entire space. While the resort is open all year round, the rooms in the Kemi SnowHotel are available from January 18th to April 15th.  A little further north in Muurola, Lapland Welcome operate Katkavaara, where you can stay in a genuine, traditional igloo from December until late April.

There are a number of icy attractions in Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland, and home of Santa Claus. The Arctic SnowHotel provides accommodation as well as an ice restaurant, ice bar, and even a snow sauna! It opens on December 20th, and closes on March 31st, although their comfy glass igloos opened already on September 20th. Although providing no accommodation Snowland Restaurant in Rovaniemi is popular with groups and parties. It opens in late November or early December, and features a number of smaller ice and snow constructions, a special wedding suite, an ice disco, and a large ice bar. Next to Santa Claus Village, the Snowman World resort has a Winter Zone that is adorned with ice scultures, and also features an Ice Bar & Restaurant, as well as a popular icy playground of slides to keep the kids amused. The Winter Zone is open from December 6th until March 31st.

South of Kittilä, close to Äkäslompolo the Lainio SnowVillage has garnered considerable international attention the last two winters, as it featured an incredible Game of Thrones motif. Opening in December, this snowhotel provides accommodation in snow suites for 2, 4, and 5 people, and also features an ice bar and restaurant. Further north lies Luvattumaa, the Levi Ice Gallery & Snow Hotel, famed for its snow and ice carvings and sculptures. As with the other snow hotels, it also has an ice bar and restaurant.

Glass Igloos for Northern Lights Vacations

The night skies of Finland, whether awash with the Milky Way or illuminated by the sweep of Northern Lights, have long attracted visitors to Finland, with more and more accommodations being offered to cater for them. There are now almost twenty destinations in Finland with glass igloos, from Vaasa on the west coast to north of Saariselkä high up in Finnish Lapland.

As mentioned, the furthest south for glass igloos is close by Vaasa. On the northwestern edge of Börsskaret, an island in the Kvarken Archipelago, Kalle’s Inn provide 8 glass houses, both double and twin en suites, all with an unrestricted view over the unique scenery of the Kvarken UNESCO World Heritage Area. On the opposite side of the country, north of Kuusamo and close by Ruka Ski Resort, Iisakki Glass Village is operated Ruka Safaris. A small resort, clients can experience an unforgettable night under the northern sky in one of their luxurious glass villas, enjoy half board dinner or a special Lappish theme dinner in the nearby restaurant, and take part in a number of artic adventures. Close by the Ranua Wildlife Park and Holiday Village Gulo Gulo, Arctic Fox Igloos are located on the peaceful shores of the lake Ranuanjärvi, each offering an unobstructed view across the open lake, and with its own private sauna! On the shores of the same lake Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos has 10 fully mobile and floating AuroraHut glass igloos. In the same region Hotel Ilveslinna also provide accommodation in their spectacular glass cabin.

Visitors to the capital of Finnish Lapland, Rovaniemi, have a choice of three locations for igloo hotels, two of which are located next to the Santa Claus Village resort. The Santa’s Hotel group operate Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle with a choice of three different igloos on offer. Close by Snowman World has opened their latest offering, the Glass Resort with 24 premium Glass Apartments, each with its own private sauna and hot-tub, nestled into the forest, yet still within reach of all the services of Santa Claus Village. A further 10km out from Santa Claus Village the Apukka Resort offers accommodation in Aurora Cabins, with added attraction of having an Aurora Wagon that can be pulled to truly remote locations to better enjoy the auroras in perfect silence. Continuing north, there are three igloo hotels located next to the magnificent Pyhä-Luosto National Park. The first of these, Pyhä Igloos, are located by the peaceful and pristine Pyhätunturi, and provide accommodation in spacious, ecological and low energy igloo cabins for 2-4 people. A little further up the road by the shores of Lake Phyäjärvi, the Pyhän Asteli resort offer accommodation in compact Aurora Igloo Huts, as well as in their new Scandinavian style Aurora Suites in the main hotel. By Luosto, Santa’s Hotel Aurora & Igloos have 10 Premium Glass Igloos, with a fine Lappish restaurant on site.

On a felltop overlooking Levi Ski Resort, Golden Crown Levin Iglut have a choice of three different igloos, all of which are spacious and stylish, some with an outdoor jacuzzi and private terrace. 15 km north of Levi Ski Resort, the Northern Lights Ranch is a unique restaurant, accommodation and activity facility, with 16 Sky View Cabins available in 4 packages, some with a private sauna or hot tub. The Aurora Domes in the vicinity of Hotel Jeris in Muonio are a more modest affair – round igloo-shaped tents with Lappish themed decoration and one transparent wall, and includes one entry to the Arctic Sauna World nearby. These same Aurora Domes are also available in the cabin village of Torassieppi, close by the famous Torassieppi Winter Village.

Finally, the region with the best selection of igloo hotels is the Saariselkä region. By far the most famous of these is Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, which was first to offer accommodation in glass igloos. Those original glass igloos are now complemented with their new Kelo-Igloos, which combine the luxury of a log chalet with an igloo-style window at the end. Nearby, the Muotka Wilderness Lodge have a range of Aurora Cabins for 1-4 people, many with their own private sauna. Close to the centre of Saariselkä village, Northern Lights Village Saariselkä‘s Aurora Cabins are close to the Kota Restaurant and all the services of the resort. The Aurora Village Ivalo resort, located in the forests of Inari, has 28 Aurora Cabins, a unique cozy Lappish restaurant and access to a range of wonderful winter activities. On the eastern shore of Lake Inarijärvi, Wilderness Hotel Nellim has Aurora Cabins, Aurora Kotas, and their famous Aurora Bubbles for guests to choose from. Over on the western shore of the same lake, Wilderness Hotel Inari is the younger sister resort, also offering accommodation in Aurora Cabins.