Spas, Spa Resorts & Wellness Centers

photo © Discovering Finland

Holiday Spas and Spa Resorts in Finland

Finland has enjoyed something of a renaissance in spa treatments of late, and there are now around 45 Spas, Spa Resorts and Wellness Centres located throughout the country. Today’s modern Finnish spa and spa resort is essentially a hotel with with specialised equipment and staffed with doctors, nurses and health professionals.

Spa hotels have been steadily growing in popularity in Finland, and many use native treatments and pay particular attention to the role of nature in wellbeing. Treatments usually available include saunas (of course), peat wrapping, cleansing rituals, and even dry cupping. Other more exotic Finnish treatments include reindeer milk facials in Lapland, Nordic Body Scrub with Nordic Sea salt, rolling pin massage or arctic cloudberry peeling.