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Tourism Porvoo & Porvoo Guide

Most visitors to Finland consider the country’s second oldest town to be the most beautiful. Just an hours drive, or a few hours by a relaxing cruise through the archipelago, from Helsinki, Porvoo’s unique charms number its delightful waterfront of red ochre sheds, the medieval cobblestoned streets and alleys, and the charm of Old Porvoo where you’ll find the beautiful Porvoo Cathedral. Another popular site for visitors is the museum of J.L. Runeberg, national poet of Finland.

An atmospheric summer in Porvoo!

Porvoo is one of Finland’s most popular travel destinations and is less than an hour’s drive from Helsinki. The idyllic Old Porvoo is known for its ochre waterfront boatsheds, colorful wooden houses, medieval cobbled streets, and charming little shops. You can also get to Porvoo by boat, on the historic m/s J.L. Runeberg from Helsinki Market Square, or even by cycling along the Old Porvoontie road.

Old Porvoo is unique as a historic urban setting. Its landmark is Porvoo Cathedral, which is worth a visit. The Runeberg Home Museum in Porvoo is the oldest home museum in Finland. It is house museum of Finland’s national poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg and his wife Fredrika Runeberg who lived there with their children. The museum’s distinctive atmosphere is created by the furniture, art works, and old houseplants which belonged to the family. Frederika was a keen gardener, many of the plants here have been grown from cuttings of her original flowers, and in the summer guests can explore her restored garden.

Porvoo is almost worth visiting for the charming cafés and restaurants there, not to mention its artisanal confectionaries. The Brunberg Chocolate Factory has traditions dating back to 1871, with its century-old Alku caramel fudge still a popular favourite, and everyone with a sweet tooth will find something to savour from their range of chocolates, toffees, fudge, liquorice, and jellies. In the PetriS Chocolate Room you can sample the finest hand-crafted pastries, chocolates, and macaroons, alongside their excellent selection of teas and coffees. Right in the heart of Porvoo, Ani’s Café & Vegetarian Restaurant is an example of the many high-quality restaurants scattered about the town. A restaurant focused on organic meat and production, Meat District combines locally sourced Scandinavian ingredients with Italian culinary finesse. Popular and high-quality Bistro Sinne is in the Art Factory, on the west bank of the river, with a menu based on locally produced ingredients and follows the Finnish gastronomical calender. Visitors should also keep an eye out for the ice cream kiosks and bicycle-kiosks selling the delicious artesenal treats from the Old Porvoo Ice Cream Factory.

In the small boutiques of Old Porvoo, you can make individual interior design and clothing discoveries! Niin Mua Second Hand & Vintage specializes in domestic and high quality clothing and accessories. If you want to stay in Old Porvoo, you can do it at Hotel Pariisin Ville, a small and elegant boutique hotel in the heart of idyllic Old Porvoo, just a stone’s throw from Porvoo’s old church.

Hotel Haikko Manor is located only about a half-hour drive from Helsinki and 10 minutes to Porvoo’s Old Town. The award-winning and versatile manor, spa and conference hotel is located in the middle of a beautiful manor park by the sea. The magnificent Manor offers a luxurious and elegant environment for the discerning traveler.

Once you have experienced the sights of Old Porvoo, you should take part in guided tours and activities in the vicinity of Porvoo and the archipelago. Island Riddles organizes adventure trips in the nature of the Pelling Archipelago, with a fun and challenging outdoor game; a forest adventure resembling an escape room, where you follow a route performing different tasks to discover hidden messages without a time limit.