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Paljakka is a year-round tourist destination

Paljakka is located in Kainuu, Finland’s Arctic Lakeland, where northern and lake Finland meet. It is green in summer and snow white in winter. The year-round tourist centre Paljakka offers tourists the highest forested peaks in Arctic Lakeland, (190 m) and their well-maintained winter and summer routes and activities. The pristine hill nature of the Paljakka Nature Park is a wonderful day trip destination, while the Paljakka Strict Nature Reserve is the only area in the Arctic Lakeland where there are still large areas of untouched forest. The Hepoköngäs Nature Reserve was created around one of Finland’s highest waterfalls and is a popular destination for excursions with its 24 m drop. Paljakka is located about 400 km closer to Helsinki than Lapland. The travel time saved can be used for your holiday experience and more time in nature.

Summer in Paljakka

The summer of Paljakka is about relaxing and enjoying nature, no hurry, noise, crowds or stress. In the clean air, in the middle of beautiful nature, the mind and body rest, thoughts calm down and everyday worries are forgotten. The unique activities offered by Paljakka summer are hiking and cycling on the wonderful summer trails of the highest forest hills in Kainuu. Paljakka has hiking and cycling routes to cater for all tastes. In Paljakka Nature Park visitors trek on trails through Finland’s oldest ancient woodland. In the summer, tourists encounter the warmth and hospitality of Kainuu, genuine people and untouched nature. And no stress – a local entrepreneur has time to hold a meeting even by the campfire.

Winter in Paljakka

In winter Paljakka is the snowiest area in Finnish Lakeland, ensuring that conditions are good with natural snow. Paljakka ski resort offers the snowiest, highest, and longest slopes in Kainuu. Snow is affected by Paljakka’s high location and southwest winds. In addition to the ski slopes, Paljakka’s winter offers visitors well-maintained and varied cross-country ski trails, varied winter trails for winter biking, and wonderful toboggan slopes, and snowmobiling in Finland’s first freeride area with a 2000 km network of trails. On the hiking trails in the beautiful winter forests you can walk and at your own pace. Visitors can make a visit to the reindeer farm, or ride a husky sledge in the frozen forests, in Finland’s oldest spruce forest is an unforgettable experience.