Bear-Kuusamo – Bear Watching in Kuusamo

The Bears of Ruka-Kuusamo

Is seeing bears in the wild on your bucket list? If the untouched habitats of truly wild nature lie close to your heart then we recommend getting to know the national animal of Finland, the mighty bear. With Karhu-Kuusamo (Karhu means Bear in Finnish) you will be able to get close enough to these magnificent animals to take photographs and see wild bears in their own habitat. You can relax and wait for the king of the forest to appear close to the hides.

Karhu-Kuusamo organizes bear watching near the eastern border. The experienced, professional guides of Karhu-Kuusamo will bring you an unforgettable bear watch. Snug inside a custom-made wooden hide (built specifically for bear watching), you will sense the silence and stillness. The bears appear in their own time, so you might have to wait for a while before seeing any.

The impressive sight of a full grown bear at close range is something that will stay with you forever. It is truly magical to see bears in their natural habitat and to see cubs playing and climbing in trees. Karhu-Kuusamo has both love and respect for the bears and wish to share the magnificent experience of seeing them in the wild with other nature lovers.

Karhu-Kuusamo is the northernmost bear-watching location in Finland, which means that during the summer there is midnight sun for most of the night! The sun does not set at all from around mid-June till the end of the June. The nights of May and July are also very bright, even though the sun is setting below the horizon for just a short moment.

The bear watching begins in the evening at 6 pm and ends around ten o’clock. or the following morning at 8 am – you can spend the night in a sleeping bag should you wish. If you wish you can spend the whole night in bunk bed or in sleeping bag, and leave in the morning. The bears are active throughout the night and you will have a chance to see several different individuals. Children can watch the bears for half price.

Karhu-Kuusamo is located in the eastern part of the Kuusamo-Ruka region, close to the Russian border. Their new hides are comfortable and safe, and provide guests with excellent opportunities to photograph and watch these forest giants safely. Karhu-Kuusamo is located just 30 minutes drive from Kuusamo town centre and the Ruka Ski & Holiday Resort.

Equipment for the bear watching:

  • weatherproof clothing, proper shoes
  • camera, binoculars
  • something to eat and drink during the evening
  • no mosquito repellent or any strong perfumes; on a windless weather they will chase the bears away, too!


Viewing night €120 / person
All night 170 € / person
(incl. Taxes 10%)
The price includes guidance, insurance, and a bear guarantee.

We will start our bear-watching trip in the evening at 6 p.m. and return at the midnight or on the following morning. You can spend a part of the night in a sleeping bag.
Minors get the experience for half price.