Island of Lonna – Restaurant, Bar and Sauna

Island of Lonna is located 10-minute waterbus-ride away from Helsinki’s Market Square. The small island has a restaurant, a bar and a public sauna. In addition to all this, different meetings and parties can be organized. The island is open from the beginning of May to the end of September.

Lonna’s restaurant

The restaurant serves high-quality seasonal dishes with a modern take on traditional island cuisine. Using mostly Finnish ingredients, favoring organic and locally grown produce, always knowing the origin. The menu changes few times during the season, depending on the availability and the season.

Lonna’s sauna

Saunas are heated up with wood burning stoves. Washing areas are located downstairs and nine steps will take you to the loft sauna area. You can experience a calm and almost sacred feeling of the traditional Finnish sauna. Sauna building is built solely with natural materials. It is made of masterfully handcrafted wooden logs that are left untreated. Only mixed sauna days are available.

Lonna’s bar

The bar is the heart of the island, a nice place to start the summer day at Lonna. Selection of refreshing drinks and wine, coffee and small snacks are available. You can enjoy an aperitif before the restaurant or have a little snack after the sauna. Or just relax in the maritime Helsinki.

Lonna is a feel-good oasis where everybody is welcome regardless of age, gender, sexuality, or origin.