Honkalintu – environmentally friendly experiences

Located just 45 minutes from Helsinki city centre, and Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Honkalintu specialises in providing a range of nature activities within Nuuksio National Park. Honkalintu operates according to strict environmental and ecological values that respects nature.

One of the unique packages offered by Honkalintu are its Tentsile Tree Tents which provide guests with an incredible new way to experience a night in the forest. Tentsile Experience ”Night in the tree” provides guests with an incredible new way to experience a night in the forest. Suspended above the ground, and safe from snakes and crawling insects, these tents allow guests to camp in places where no one has camped before. Honkalintu has opened an EcoCamp area in Nuuksio National Park, not far from the Haltia Nature Centre, which will be the most ecological, carbon-footprint friendly site in the world. Honkalintu will open a new Eco Camp to Vallisaari island next to the Suomenlinna fortress in summer 2018.

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The Honkalintu packages are ideal for small or large groups, and can be added to an existing conference, to create additional nature experiences to enhance business training. Honkalintu has got three mobile, traditional Lappish kota tents that provide space for up to 300 people.

Thanks to the proximity of Nuuksio National Park to Helsinki, Honkalintu’s services are perfectly suited for all-day events, or even shorter business training events. Whether clients choose short or long packages, a delicious meal prepared over a campfire by Honkalintu’s experienced chef are sure to complement and complete a perfect day out in Nuuksio’s natural wilderness.

In addition to the hiking trips, canoeing excursions, and outdoor games organised by Honkalintu, they also organise wilderness meals and wilderness cookery courses. On these courses guests are shown by experienced chefs how to prepare traditional Finnish foods over an open fire, such as salmon and potatoes cooked in embers, onions, wild mushroom soup and Finnish flat bread. For dessert you make flamed pancakes and prepare coffee in a pot over open fire.