Kinos Safaris Levi

Kinos Safaris offers a multitude of personalised, adventurous and memorable guided excursions and safaris for both domestic and international clients at Levi and its surrounding areas. During the winter season our main products are snowmobile safaris and snowmobile rental services. Our snowmobile safaris can easily be combined with other activities, such as husky sledding, northern lights watching, reindeer rides or ice fishing.

In the summer and autumn we offer lake cruises on lakes Sirkkajärvi and Levijärvi, which offer wonderful views towards Levitunturi and Kätkätunturi fells, as well as canoe and kayak excursions. We also specialize in guided fishing safaris to local rivers and lakes, and even to northern Norway. In the autumn you can watch the northern lights from our lake cruises as they reflect on the surface of the lakes.

During the summer and autumn we also offer equipment rental services, including kayaks, rowing boats, canoes, camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, etc), and full fishing gear sets.

All of our services can be fully tailored to suit your needs, and can be done for a single person or large groups. Our office is located in the centre of Levi, only a short walk from the tourist information centre and the front slopes.
Welcome to Levi, see you soon!