Bearhill Husky Tours

Welcome to Bearhill Husky  – “Love, Knowledge and Respect”

We know huskies! It is our life and our passion! And its this love of huskies and mushing that we enjoy sharing with you.

We operate a small family run, dog friendly husky kennel dedicated to providing you a unique sled-dog experience in the wilderness of Lapland. We like to travel with smaller groups and operate in Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland and home town of Santa Claus.

Our most popular winter excursions is the 3 hour “Call of the Wild” tour, a husky experience suited for everyone interested in the thrill of driving a dog team.

For the adventurous among us we have the “Taiga Tour” . A longer tour including a campfire lunch and more hours of mushing.

There is also the Black Dog Midnight Madness tour, a unique chance to experience a night mush, leaving sometime before midnight, and driving on through the night.

We welcome you to share the warmth of our fire, the peace of our forest and our passion for huskies..

Valentijn, Veronika, Saaga and Rune