Nuuksion Taika – Experience Finnish traditions and nature

Tucked away in the midst of the forest, on the shore of Poikkipuolianen lake, Nuuksion Taika invites its guests to enjoy the magic of Nuuksio while taking part in excursions through the woods and lakes of Nuuksio National Park, to enjoy wild food by a campfire, or to relax in a traditional Finnish sauna by the lake. Nuuksion Taika’s policies are eco-friendly, and follow the guidelines of green tourism. Their “Magic of Finland” programs are among the best FinRelax well-being programs as selected by the official Finnish tourism agency, Visit Finland.

Magic of the Woods Walking Trip

Nuuksion Taika invites its guests to experience the magic of the forests and northern traditions with a walking tour into the woods of Nuuksio National Park. Hear the stories of the Kalevala, the Finnish national epic, while learning of the power of the great shamans, discovering the myths regarding the creation of the world, and the ancient beliefs of the spirits of nature, known as ‘haltia’. Hear the myths, and learn the facts, about ‘karhu’, the brown bear, the king of the woods, and the national animal of Finland. The tour includes a snack at a campfire; grilled sausages and Karelian pasty with a warm chaga mushroom drink.

Magic of the Finnish Sauna with Dinner

The gentle heat of a traditional Finnish sauna brings pleasure, peace, and relaxation, and has many health benefits. Nuuksion Taika will help you get in touch with the spirit of the Finnish sauna while teaching you about ancient sauna traditions. In this guided Sauna experience you will enjoy the friendly heat of a wood-heated sauna and refresh in the cooling waters of the lake – in the wintertime, you can even try ice-swimming. After the sauna enjoy wild Arctic food.

Winter Activities

Nuuksion Taika has also a range of traditional Finnish winter activities. Guests can take a walk on a frozen lake, drill a hole in the ice, and try their hand at ice-fishing. They can strap on a pair of snowshoes and stroll through the woods, or try out a traditional Finnish winter vehicle, the kick sled. And following these exertions, relax by a campfire and enjoy some sausages and snacks.

Accommodation is available in a beautiful lakeside cottage, Villa Paratiisi (Paradise Villa), with 4 comfortable rooms that sleep 10, with an extra bed available if needed. Built in 1961 as a hunting lodge, Villa Paratiisi was fully renovated between 2015-17.