Island Riddles

Close your eyes and snoop: you’re almost in the woods. Moss smells, trees sway high, are nits that they can make it to the sea? Welcome to a different adventure trip to the Pellinge archipelago, the nature where stories come to life.

The “Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My” theme trip is based on Tove Jansson’s beloved picture book of the same name. Island Riddles takes you on a milk-seeking trip to the Moomin everforest and exactly the same beaches where Tove walked as a child. When you go on your route, you’ll get a book and 14 puzzles that you can find a path through the forest.

We are not a Moomin theme park, although we are cooperating with Moomin Characters. So on the forest paths you don’t run into moomins, but instead we take you to the nature of Tove’s stories, the source of imagination and joy. You look at the same landscape that inspires the emergence of mummies…. No, but what’s the matter behind the tree? Adventure day in the archipelago together with family and friends is the best!

You need to travel to Pellinge with Ferry – which is fun!