Iisakki Winter Village & Glass Village

At the shore of lake Rukajärvi is located Iisakki’s Winter Village. The Winter Village is built every year entirely of snow. It opens around the New Year every year and offers accommodation in snow igloos as well as many other experiences. Iisakki’s Winter Village is also suitable for wedding ceremonies and welcoming ceremonies.

Iisakki’s Winter Village includes also a barn theatre where you can enjoy a movie about the Northern lights. If you are lucky and the sky is clear we can see the real Northern Lights dancing in the sky!

During the evening in the Winter Village you can enjoy a 3 course Lappish dinner in the main house of Iisakki Village, in the Iisakin Talo -restaurant.

Come the night, lay down on the reindeer skins in a warm sleeping bag in the snow igloo. Silence, fresh air and warm sleeping bag quarantee you a good sleep!

The brand new igloos in the Glass Village are part of Ruka Safaris’ Iisakki Village surroundings. The big windows and glass roof of the villas bring you into the middle of the nature where you can admire the magical Northern lights or Midnight sun during the summer.

When you would like some privacy, close the curtains and enjoy the cozy but modern interior of the villa. Facilities of the villa: double beds, well equipped kitchenette and own bathroom with toilet and shower. Area provides also outdoor fireplace to enjoy the special feeling of the outdoor life.