Hotel Jeris

Jeris is a dream destination for enjoying pure nature. The nearby waters of Lake Jerisjärvi, the surrounding clean nature and the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park next to us offer all the opportunities that you need for enjoying the nature. Directly from the yard, you can jump on cross country skiing track, snowshoe trail or on our guided activities.

In addition to accommodation, Jeris offers delicious restaurant services, a unique Sauna World with various saunas and a cozy Pub Piilopaikka. Jeris is the perfect family vacation destination for nature loving families.

Jeris suites perfectly for looking at the wonders of nature when the Northern Lights dance in the clear sky and the midnight sun shines in the surrounding fells. Add to that some of our activities that start from hotels yard and only thing you have to do is enjoy your holiday.

You will also find the beautiful Aurora Domes in the vicinity of Hotel Jeris. The Aurora Dome gives you a unique opportunity to follow the wonders of nature, such as Northern Lights and Midnight Sun directly from your bed.

Arctic sauna world is located on the shore of Lake Jeris, next to the National Park of Pallas-Ylläs. Lake Jeris is a holy lake for Sami people and known for its generous fish catches throughout the Finnish history.

Sauna is a unique place where four elements earth, water, air and fire are combined to create the fifth element, steamy löyly, the spirit of sauna. In Finnish literature Löyly is a synonym for a spirit, also a part of our soul in Finnish mythology. For Finns sauna is the place for relaxation, meditation, mental and physical cleanliness.

Four elements are known all over the world. We have created four saunas for you to balance your elements through our saunas. These saunas, Tapio, Ukko, Ilmatar and Vellamo represent the elements through our mythological gods and goddesses.