Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos

Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos is a family owned accommodation business in Ranua, Finnish Lapland, providing accommodation in a traditional B&B Guesthouse that has been at service since the 1940’s or in one of their 10 fully mobile and floating AuroraHut glass igloos. Along with accommodation, there is also a restaurant open year-round and wide selection of nature activities available throughout the year.

During the summer season, the AuroraHut glass igloo floats gently on the waters of Lake Ranua, and in winter, they are supported by the thick ice sheet of the lake. In addition to its wonderful atmosphere, the igloos, with their magnificent views, are also suitable for Aurora Borealis spotting. The Northern Lights season in southern Lapland lasts from late August until April, allowing visitors to enjoy the light show of nature for almost eight months.

There is a wood-heated sauna on the shore of the lake, which is best enjoyed in the dusk. The traditional wood-burning stove provides gentle warmth for its user, and when the lake is not frozen, guests can easily take a dip in Ranua Lake.
Ranzo Gym is a short walk away, where you can exercise for a small additional fee. Access to the gym can be conveniently obtained at the guesthouse reception. Ranua Zoo is located about four kilometers from the Guesthouse and the services of the village center are less than one kilometer away.