SnowCastle of Kemi

Kemi SnowCastle is open all year round. SnowCastle concept has changed over the years introducing various services in the area from snow & ice experiences to restaurant, accommodation and sauna services. SnowCastle area in Kemi is open all year round.

SnowExperience365 introduces real snow & ice 365 days a year. In the SnowExperience365 exhibition room you can step into a winter wonderland any day of the year. You can walk on the snowy floors and admire the beautiful ice sculptures. The ice sculptures’ theme changes from time to time, the theme for the next years is a Fairytale castle. SnowExperience365 consists of ice sculptures, ice slide, ice bar and ice tables. SnowExperience365 is located in the SnowCastle area`s main building. During the summer time we offer blankets to keep you warm, because the temperature is always -5 degrees C inside.

Seaview Restaurant Lumihiutale spins it’s own unique modern arctic twist on traditional Sea Lapland cuisine. Take in the most spectacular sea view in all of Finnish Lapland as you enjoy seasonal specialities from the freshest local ingredients. The spacious restaurant also offers banquet and meeting facilities for groups and private events.

The Seaside Glass Villas are an ideal accommodation choice for nature lovers looking for some peace and quiet. Experience the starry northern sky and possibly the Northern Lights from September to March or enjoy the white night magic of the endless summer days.