Arctic Fox Igloos

Arctic Fox Igloos in Ranua offer ideal conditions for observing and admiring the northern skies and its phenomena. Arctic Fox Igloos are located on the naturally beautiful, peaceful shores of the lake Ranuanjärvi, far from any city light pollution. Each igloo offers an unobstructed view to the far-reaching open lake, and the northern skies, where the Northern Lights may be seen on cloudless nights. In addition to a glass-walled bedroom, each of the Arctic Fox Igloos is also equipped with a private sauna!

Every Arctic Fox Igloo offers an unobstructed view across the lake to the northern horizon. The heating of the glass-panels in the sleeping space, and in the cosy kitchenette, prevents the glass from frosting over, and prevents snow from settling on the Igloo. The entrance, toilet, sauna and the washing room are in the wood-walled area of the Igloo, which faces the forest.