PetriS Chocolate Room – Chocolate café & Shop

We make delicious, hand-made chokolate, cakes and other sweets. PetriS Chocolate Room brings together friends of high-quality delicacies from all over Finland. Mouth-watering cakes and chocolates make our customers drive (or cycle!) hundreds of miles. Petri Sirén has created a coveted Finnish chocolate brand, also known internationally. Chokolate rooms and cafés located in Old Porvoo and Ruukki, Mathildedals. You can also buy on-line.

Our Family-owned business don’t compromise on quality — our chocolates are the best in the world. For us, authenticity and ethics are important values. Our products do not use preservatives, but also genuine berries and fruits. Therefore, the shelf life of our pralins is 4 weeks. We want to bring authentic, heavenly combinations of flavours. Our most popular praglines are berry flavours, sea salt combinations and classic truffles. We import most of the ingredients ourselves, because we only want the best. Pistase in Bronte, vanilla from Madagascar and almonds from the Mediterranean.
The dream-light structure and taste of our cakes are constantly being admired. Our cakes are the result of a passionate, long-term development. Most of our cakes are naturally gluten-free because we use high-quality and more tasty almond flour instead of wheat flour. We warn you, these cakes cause addiction — welcome to taste!

Ågatan 16
Borgå 06100 FI
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