Located where the Kemijoki and Ounasjoki rivers meet on the Arctic Circle, surrounded by rugged wilderness, Rovaniemi is the capital of Finnish Lapland. Best known for being home to Santa Claus. This compact city is an energetic jewel of the north, packed with cultural and family-friendly attractions. Thanks to its location in the midst of a pristine arctic wilderness, Rovaniemi is a perfect destination for visitors seeking unique Lapland adventures and activities in summer.

Berry Nice Day – Guided Berry Picking Excursion in Rovaniemi

The forests of Finnish Lapland forests are full of wild berries, but without the expert help of a local, it might be difficult to spot the best berry places. On this 3 hour guided berry picking trip you will learn the basics about the superfoods which you can pick up totally fresh and pure from the bushes. Blueberries and cloudberries abound, and are waiting to be picked up! Enjoy your berries as a snack and savour a cup of traditional pot coffee cooked over an open fire while spending a splendid day outdoors in fresh air.

Picking blueberries in Rovaniemi

Midnight Sun Floating on a Rovaniemi Lake

Enjoy the evening sunlight in a forest far from the city noise, on a wilderness lake where the sun doesn’t set. There, float away in the middle of an arctic lake gazing at the nightless night sky, listening to birdsong, and experiencing nature from a different perspective. Dressed up in a floating suit, you’ll cosy, warm and dry when entering, and leaving, the lake. Your guide for the Midnight Sun Floating Experience prepares hot drinks over an open fire and you will toast the midnight sun. With a rested mind you head back to the city.

Midnight Sun Floating in Rovaniemi

Arctic Survival Experience Excursion in Rovaniemi

Learn how to survive in the wild forest together with a guide on a 4 hour day trip called Arctic Survival Experience. Following a transfer from the city centre by car, you will build together an emergency shelter, make a fire without matches, forage for food from nature and prepare a snack of whatever is found. Try your hand on a target bird with an air rifle, and fish from a clear water pond, before preparing your catch before the fire. The day is suitable for the whole family!

Arctic Survival in Rovaniemi

Summer Delight – Visit Reindeer, Huskies & Santa Claus in Rovaniemi

The first stop is a visit to reindeer and husky farms, with guided tours at both. At the Summer Delight Tour you’ll meet an authentic reindeer herder and farmer, a professional husky musher, and of course meet the animals for photos. Before continuing your journey, relax by an open fire with a cup of coffee and hear stories of the year with the reindeer. The day ends with a visit to Santa Claus Village and the numerous souvenir shops, Santa’s Post Office and surely get to meet the man himself in his office.

Best of Rovaniemi Sightseeing Trip

Safartica’s 5 hour Best of Rovaniemi Sightseeing trip is perfect for visitors curious to discover the hidden gems in forests and hills surrounding Rovaniemi city. You will be driven around Rovaniemi to the places locals take their friends and family, their favourite picnic spots and hiking trails. Your guide will fill you in on the local lifestyles, and about life in Lapland. Your visit will include some of the region’s finest natural formations, ancient sites, and of course the best views over the wilderness landscapes for taking great photos!

Back to Nature Guided Tour in Rovaniemi

On this 3 hour Back to Nature tour guests experience the best of Finnish Lapland – its wild nature, arctic environment, and the purest and freshest air and water. The silence of the surroundings, the sound of wind in the trees, the taste of fresh running water from clear springs, the scent of new forest growth. Your guide will take through all these intangibles on a short trip out of the city, to experience the forest and all it has to offer.

Fat-Bike Day Trip in Rovaniemi

If you’d love to take a biking trip into a deep, wild forest then this 4 hour Fat Bike Trip is perfect for you. The bikes are taken by car to the beginning of a forest trail, and with a backpack of snacks, you set off for between 5 and 20 km of off-road riding on the numerous dirt tracks in the region. There will be time for a pit stop, to have coffee and grilled sausages over an open fire.

Safartica’s wide range of safaris, excursions, activities, and accommodation make it the ideal partner for holiday-makers in Finnish Lapland. Safartica operates in Rovaniemi, home to Santa, and in Ylläs, Finland’s biggest ski resort, located on the southern edge of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park near the Swedish border.