Pallas Ski Resort

As the old wisdom has it, “Pallas takes your heart but you can always come back” Pallas is the most authentic and traditional skiing fjell and the enjoyer’s paradise. It is well known especially among Telemark -skiers. The scenery is something that you can only understand when on the spot. A holiday in Pallas features relaxed get-togehers and laid-back outdoor sports in fresh fjell-air.

The cross-country track network in Muonio was established and is maintained in cooperation by local tourism enterprises and the local authorities. They take care of the tracks using appropriate equipment.

The extent of the mechanically maintained track network is some 200 km. Some of the tracks enter the National Park area. Popular destinations for skiers include Nammalkuru, Vuontispirtti, Raattama, Jeris, Olos and Torassieppi. The highlight of the spring is covering the leg between Hetta and Pallas. Near the hotel you will also find tracks of 3km, 5 km and 10 km maintained by the hotel staff. The tracks connect the municipalities in Fell Lapland, giving a cross-country skier access to a thousand kilometres of tracks.