Petäys Resort

Welcome to the Cape of Good Mood!

Petäys Resort is a unique leisure center in the heart of Häme, only about an hour’s drive from Helsinki, Tampere, and Lahti.

Amidst the scenery of the breathtakingly beautiful Lake Vanajavesi, a true Cape of Good Mood is waiting for you.

The Petäys Resort is a luxury leisure centre on the shores of Lake Vanajavesi. Petäys Resort includes a hotel, a number of saunas (including the mobile Zetor Sauna!), excellent conference and meeting facilities, its own guest harbour, and access to all the activities in the area.

The resort also boasts a diverse set of restaurants to choose from: the lobby restaurant Aula, located by the hotel reception, the buffet restaurant Petäyssali, the lakeside Café Kaisa, and the excellent fine dining restaurant Aarnituli with its large windows providing stunning lakeside views. For a far more casual, almost campsite experience, try roasting sausages over a wood fire in the resort’s traditional Kota. Situated on a peninsula, simply strolling around the grounds of the Petäys Resort is a peaceful way to enjoy Finnish nature.