Cafe & Bar 21

Cafe & Bar 21 is a stylish and modern coffee shop, which has become a local favorite for both lunch and evenings. The restaurant’s most popular dishes are savory and sweet waffles and salads, which are ideal for lunches. Other specialties include: stuffed baked potatoes, Lappish Tapas Plate (Lapas), gelato, ice cream and the restaurant’s own pastries.

In the evening you can enjoy quality wines in the restaurant, as well as the city’s best cocktails that are always made with fresh ingredients. Foreigners favorite is the Lappish Mojito, the main ingredient of which is cloudberry. Cafe & Bar 21 provides free WiFi connection as well as iPad devices that can surf the Internet freely.

We wanted to create a restaurant, where quality cocktails and unique food are combined. Atmosphere is one our most important characters, an environment where you can be you and enjoy. We want to serve products which are suitable for everyone and flavors which go well with cocktails and wines.