Ruokolahti Museum

The Ruokolahti Local History Museum is situated on the famous Ruokolahti Church Hill opposite the bell tower, in a granary built by Antti Enlund in 1861. The museum was opened in 1955, and is maintained by the Ruokolahti Association (Ruokolahti-Seura).

Not far from the museum stands Ruokolahti House. Owned by the Ruokolahti Association, this is a heritage house which is used for various celebrations, meetings and exhibitions. The house was built in summer 1980 in the style of a 19th century farmhouse from Rehula in Junnikkala. Today, its farmhouse courtyard boasts a magnificent row of granaries and storehouses, a smoke sauna, a kiln and other traditional outbuildings which were brought here to be erected on the site. The house and the courtyard are open to the public, and you can enjoy a welcome cup of coffee here.


Rasilantie 1
Ruokolahti 56100 FI
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