Border Museum

Opened in 1989, the Border Museum is located in the Immola Barracks of the Border Guard of South-East Finland, only 7 km north of Imatra’s Central Railway Station. Access to the museum is along the Niskapietilä Road. Built by volunteer border guards during their leisure time, the museum is owned by the Finnish Border Guard. Members of the Border Guard Guild of South-East Finland act as guides for the museum.

The museum houses a permanent exhibition which traces the history of Finland’s frontiers and that of the Border Guard itself. The exhibition also gives an insight into the life and work of border guards during the period following Finland’s independence (in 1917), in times of both war and peace. The exhibition first focuses on the history of the Finnish frontier lines from the time when Finland was under Swedish rule up to her independence. The numerous showcases included in the permanent exhibition display items connected with border control work, and illustrate situations which would occur during this work.