REDRIB Private Island Experience with Speed Boat

2-6 pers. - min 500€ / boat



For Bookings contact:  or call: +358 40 5005271

Enjoy a unique experience at sea with REDRIB, the RIB that can take private or corporate groups places you would only dream of. REDRIB is also a top class photo boat. The driver is a professional photographer and videographer specialised in maritime themes and news on water with years of experience. 


Leaving from Helsinki, we take you out for a whole day on your “own” island in the
archipelago. Enjoy your private cliffs or beach for sunbathing, barbecue or a swim. We
tailor the day for you and can provide you with the utilities, beverages and food you need.
Pick up in the evening and a sunset speed drive back to the city is a perfect end to a perfect
day. With weather reservation.



We meet you in Helsinki at your maritime hotel pier or agreed pick up location and provide
you with your personal equipments for the drive: A floatation suit, life west, speed goggles,
light gloves and boots if necessary. Please use trekking or outdoor shoes for this trip .High
heels or business shoes are not suitable. Warm pullovers and wind jackets for use on the
island is also to be recommended.

After a short safety briefing we head for your “own” private island.
The trip goes through our beautiful archipelago and you will see a lot of summer cottages,
boaters and saunas too. Our goal is to find you a small private island for the day.
This would be one of our 170.000 islands we have. We are looking for one that is free for the
day. The free usage of non-inhabited islands are based on our unique “everyman ́s right”.
Therefore we do not know on forehand, which island we will choose. But we do know the
archipelago well and it ́s secret sweet spots. Island choice is depending on the weather
conditions and which one will be free. We can not however every time guarantee a whole
island of your own, other boaters may join during the day on the island with the same civil
rights as we have. Also in this case, however, Finns tend to respect the privacy of others
very highly and most likely stay out of sight on the other side of the island.
After embarking on the island we get to know it better and look for the sweet spots for sun
bathing and barbecue. You will get general information about the archipelago and what to
look after when walking on the cliffs.
If you are an experienced outdoor enthusiast, a short guidance will do. If you do not have
much experience of outdoor life, we can help you with basic things like starting a fire or
preparing a meal.
Depending on your preferences, your host and driver can stay in the boat on the island
during the day, or if you feel comfortable with outdoor life, leave and pick you up in the
afternoon. In this case, you will receive a fully charged second mobile phone to contact us.
with. The time you get to spend on the island is weather dependent and we are flexible with
that. Good to reserve the whole day for this unique experience.


The best things are the simple ones. The archipelago has a lot to offer. The cleanest air
in the world (WHO report 2018), a spectacular nature, flora and fauna. Privacy.
Not to underestimate, a great deal of silence too, a true luxury in our industrialised world of
today. Take time to sit on the smooth cliffs and relax while watching the sea and sailing
boats pass by. Read a book, have a good picnic and a swim. Simply let the time pass.


This tour is of medium difficulty and is suitable for families with regular fysical functions.
Please bear in mind that children might need extra surveillance on the island.
Small children that cannot swim should wear life west during the whole stay on the island.
You have to be able to get in and out of the boat and move comfortably in the nature and
to be outdoor minded. The weather can change within the same day, so prepare for that
accordingly with proper outdoor clothing. Wind proof jackets with goretex, outdoor shoes
and warm clothes are necessary. The water temperature in the archipelago varies and is
usual between 16-23°C in the summer. If you are a stop-over guest, we can provide you
with the utilities you need for the day like towels, food, beverages, mattresses.

For Bookings contact:  

+358 40 5005271