Marimekko Village

Marimekko Village which is illustrated at different venues around Helsinki will focus on the emotional quality of life. In 1962, Ms Armi Ratia defined her Marimekko brand, which she had founded some eleven years earlier, as “a cultural phenomenon which steers people toward an improved quality of life”.

Ms Ratia had close contacts with architect Aarno Ruusuvuori’s agency and became interested in the “global village” concept as expressed by cultural philosopher Marshall MacLuhan. This was the beginning of Ms Ratia’s utopian idea for Marimekko Village, the aims of which were no less than to act as the product design laboratory of the Marimekko brand, to create a residential community for its employees and to develop new improved lifestyles.

This year – Marimekko’s home city Helsinki being the World Design Capital 2012 – the idea will be realised when the Marimekko chain brings Marimekko Village to life as a modern phenomenon. Through the years, the interesting thing about Marimekko has been its focus on the happiness of people in everyday life, and through Marimekko Village it can be realised together with other interested people from around the world.

The 2012 Marimekko Village will be a meeting place for people and production, thinking and esthetics. Marimekko’s design philosophy will invite and bring together people, create interesting meetings and encourage joint involvement and inspiration through colours and patterns in the midst of everyday life.


Helsinki 00100 FI
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