Krapi’s Paja – Tuusula Lake Road’s culture caramel

A new music and event venue was opened on 28.2.2017 on the fields of Krapi. Paja represents enjoyment of culture, delicacies and life itself.

Tuusulanjärven tapahtumat Ltd. (TuutT) is in charge of the cultural content of Paja. Behind TuuT are the talented musicians Altti Uhlenius, Mikko Sirén, artist Hanne Lindström and producer Anu Uhlenius.

TuuT produces a variety of music and theatre clubs, shows and multidisciplinary art events in collaboration with local artists. Regular themed clubs are the basis of the event chart. Paja’s club evenings are naturally to be enjoyed with delicacies and fine drinks which are provided by Krapi.

Krapi’s Paja operates throughout the year providing services also for conferences, festivity customers and weddings.

Krapi’s Paja is located on the east shore of Tuusula Lake, at the intersection of Tuusula Lake Road and Tuusula Highway (145).
The distance to Paja from Helsinki Airport is only 15 km (15 min by taxi) and from Helsinki city centre 30 km.