Flow Festival Helsinki

Flow Festival takes place every August in Helsinki.

Flow Festival

Flow Festival has become synonymous with bringing music from old school legends to topical newcomers. Beyond the music, Flow offers a warm embrace of the arts and an exceptional array of world spanning cuisine. Only a short walk away from the centre of Helsinki, the festival strikes an alluring setting of blissed-out festival escapism for a few days. There are easily enough activities to keep attendees occupied, if ever spending a summer weekend in the culture hub Helsinki wasn’t enough.

Flow Festival is held in a disused power station built at the turn of the century. Only a short walk away from the centre of Helsinki, a monumental architectural site is brought to life with light design and decorations beyond compare.

The festival features 10 to 12 different venues every year: larger outdoor and tent stages plus intimate indoor and outdoor venues. For example, the Main Stage can engage an audience of 25 000, and smaller stages an audience of some hundreds.

A landmark you spot at the festival is the roof of the Balloon 360° stage – a gigantic pressurized balloon. Balloon 360° was created in 2012 as the result of an international architecture competition. The winning stage construction, Balloon, fits well into the chronological continuum of Suvilahti, and the area’s architectural idea of combining old and new. The stage offers the audience and the artists a remarkable chance of interaction during the performances.