Ekenäs Visitor Centre

Ekenäs Visitor Centre provides information on the nature and uniqueness of the western Nyland archipelago.

Maalta merelle Exhibition (From Land to Sea)

The permanent exhibition displays the distinctive features of the Western Nyland archipelago from land to sea. The exhibition moves from the coastline to the inner and then outer archipelago and finally to the open sea. A general description is given of each areas natural and distinctive features. There is a dry aquarium, which gives more detail to the zone theme.

The exhibition also tells about algae blooming and the archipelago’s climate and visitors are given tips on how they can help preserve the area’s fragile nature.

The aim of the exhibition is to give experiences to visitor. You can, for example, experience a sun set over the open seas from a “lighthouse”.

The Visitor Centre is located in a 160-year-old storehouse.


Strandallén Rantapuistikko
Tammisaari FI
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