Linna Golf

Linna Golf offers golfers European Tour-level conditions all summer long. Linna Golf was the first course in Finland to apply the Penn A4 bent grass, which provides a very fine leaf texture, high density and an exceptional cold and humidity tolerance and disease resistance. The greens roll throughout the summer at app. Stimpmeter 9-11 feet, meeting the strict standards set by the European Tour. The greens are always hand cut.

World Golf Awards ranked Linna Golf as Finland’s Best Golf Course. In recent years, the World Golf Awards have awarded Vanajanlinna Golf & Country Club as the best golf resort in Finland, but in 2023, the honor went to the course itself!

The history of Vanajanlinna dates back to the early 14th century, and the owners are known since 1574. The manor also used to be known as Aikaala Manor and Vanajankartano (Vanogard), but has been called by its original name Vanajanlinna since 1918.

The castle which was originally a hunting lodge was built in 1919-1924 in the Baroque and Renaissance styles, and it has also influences of British manor houses. A railway was established in the manor for the construction work.

The garden was designed by Bengt Schalin. Vanajanlinna is used as a hotel and conference center nowadays, and it is a popular place for wedding parties.