Tori Quarters

In the the historical centre of Helsinki, where the heart of the old town meets the hustle of the city, lies the Tori Quarters. Sandwiched between the bustling Helsinki Harbour Market and the neo-classical Senate Square, the historic buildings that make up the Tori Quarters provides a fine cross-section of quality shopping and dining choices, making it ideal for visitors who have a limited amount of time to explore the Finnish capital.

To keep the quarters vivid, the Tori Quarters project also produces events, rents out empty spaces to interesting pop up events and acts as a setting and an enabler for new urban culture.

There are over twenty shopping outlets in Tori Quarters, as well as a dozen cafés, restaurants, and bars, not to mention a museum, the delightful Children’s Town, a cinema, the Virka Gallery in the Town Hall, and the Culture and Conference Center White Hall. In short, there might be enough of interest packed into a few short blocks to keep any visitor satisfied for hours.