The Church of Saint John the Baptist

The stone church that is still in use and its surroundings are a marvellous sight in Hauho. The mediaeval stone church with its shingle roof likely dates back to the early 16th century. The brick vestry has been built in 1784. The church has thee aisles. No murals have been found on the walls. The church has several mediaeval wooden statues (depicting Saint Peter, Saint Paul, Saint Olaf and Saint Anna). One of the artefacts originally belonging to the church is the oldest church ship in Finland the age of which has been identified. It dates back to the year 1609 and is now included in the collection of the Maritime Museum of Finland in Helsinki. The church has an exact replica of the ship. In addition, among the artefacts of the church can be found one of the oldest vaivaisukko (a wooden “poor boy”) called “Blind Bartimeus”. It has been in the church at least since the early 18th century. The crucifix of the church dates back to the 16th century. The altarpiece “Jesus in Gethesemane” has been painted by Juho Forsell in 1883, and the stained glass is made by Brunar Allen in 1929. In addition, the museum of Hauho has an exhibition of several artefacts originally belonging to the church. The brick bell-tower that features, among other things, a mediaeval church bell, was built in 1864.

Danielson Kalmarintie
Hämeenlinna 14700 FI
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