Tallipiha Stable Yards

A hundred years ago the Stable Yards were part of the Finlayson factory community that dominated the city of Tampere for half a century. The Stable Yards were the domain of the factory owner’s horses and the staff needed to care for them. The charming Russian style cottages in beautiful garden surroundings have now been restored to their 1880´s appearance and made home to a range of little gift shops, artisans workshops and café.

The historic Stable Yards environment is once again full of life. The little cottages house gift and sweet shops that are open all year round. The community is also home to different seasonal events. Summer events include a traditional Finnish Midsummer celebration, market days and artisans’ work demonstrations.

During summer, a genuine old time horse cab awaits customers in the Yards. During winter, Stable Yards celebrate Shrovetide and Christmas with various events.