Sea & Mountain Adventures

Situated within the serene beauty of Finland’s southernmost reindeer park in Nuuksio, Sea & Mountain Adventures invites travellers to immerse themselves in a world of natural wonder and authentic experiences. Offering a range of programs and accommodations tailored to every adventurer’s desire, including the cosy log cabin known as Karhunpesä – Bear’s Nest, this retreat provides magnificent views of Nuuksio National Park, with direct access to marked forest trails from the yard.

At the heart of Sea & Mountain Adventures lies the enchanting Nuuksio Reindeer Park, where visitors can encounter the gentle majesty of these iconic Arctic animals. With an entrance fee that includes the chance to feed the reindeer and cosy up by a campfire in the atmospheric Lappish Teepee, guests are invited to delve into the rich traditions and folklore surrounding these beloved animals.

Spend a night in the park’s eco-friendly Igluhut for two people, where you can watch, photograph, and feed reindeer lichen from the hut window. Your stay includes a guided park visit upon arrival.