Särkänniemi Amusement Park

Särkänniemi, located in Tampere, is the world’s center of joy! The amusement park, Koiramäki Animal Park, Aquarium, and Näsinneula Observation Tower make for an unforgettable holiday.

Särkänniemi Amusement Park offers experiences for all ages. Accelerate, have fun, splash around, and enjoy the whole day. Will you dare to ride the fastest and tallest roller coaster, Hype, or would you prefer the gentle spins of the Karamelli Carousel?

The amusement park also features Kärsänniemi, the village of Pouta Possu, known from the Possujuna train. In Kärsänniemi, you can visit the market with the Bouncing Carrots, deliver mail in the Postal Adventure, experience the thrill of the Bat Courier bike, transport treats on the Candy Ship, and explore the city’s best playground. You can, of course, reach Kärsänniemi by the Possujuna train!

Koiramäki Animal Park takes you into the fairy tale world created by Mauri Kunnas. Sit elegantly on the terrace of Café von Guggelböö and enjoy chocolate cakes, or explore Count Drakkula’s castle, which is warmed by the dragon’s breath. In the Paw Theatre, you can watch plays, and the entire Koiramäki area is full of fun play areas and places to explore. In Koiramäki, you will also meet adorable animal friends, such as alpacas, llamas, ponies, goats, and geese.

At the Aquarium, you can dive below the surface and discover the underwater world. Here, you will encounter many fascinating residents from around the world, including swimming, crawling, jumping, and slithering creatures. What does a ray look like? What’s so fascinating about axolotls? The Aquarium also features real alligators, specifically fierce-looking dwarf caimans.

Näsinneula is Finland’s tallest observation tower and the iconic symbol of Tampere. The stunning experience elevators lift visitors 120 meters up to admire the Finnish national landscape. Upstairs, on the observation deck, is also one of the country’s best restaurants, Restaurant Näsinneula. The Aquarium and Näsinneula are open year-round.