Särkänniemi Amusement Park

Särkänniemi Adventure Park combines six very different experiences that together create a quality destination for all the family!

There are some 31 different rides in Särkänniemi, offering wild whirls, gentle swaying or other fun experiences spiced with sprays of water, for example.

One of the newest rides spins its passengers around like a tornado. The ride reaches a height of 15.6m when spinning. The upper part of the ride undergoes a maximum of 12 revolutions per minute with the arms spinning at 4 revolutions per minute. The ride features 24 seats, which spin freely, making each ride feel different. The height restriction for High Voltage is 130cm. The ride was manufactured by Italian company Antonio Zamperla S.p.A.

Särkänniemi Doghill is based on the characters created by Finnish author Mauri Kunnas. In Doghill you can relax on the terrace of Café von Guggelböö while the kids explore the castle of Count Drakkula, enjoy funny plays and performances at Paw Theatre, or take part in activities happening on the one hectare site which features 30 separate buildings.

Angry Birds Land which is provided specifically for our smaller visitors features 10 experiences including many rides and activities. For example the Angry Birds Adventure Course rises in the middle of the area, and forms the heart of Angry Birds Land. It includes tunnels, staircases, slides and secret passages in all directions. Can you find the eggs hidden by the green pigs?

In the Aquarium, you can choose your own favourite from over 200 species of fish and aquatic animals that come from seas and lakes all around the world. This summer there are new additions, including snakes and lizards. The reptiles increase the diversity of the Sarkanniemi aquarium, as do other new aquatic additions.

The unique image world of the Planetarium surrounds the spectator from different sides and gives more dimensions to visual experiences. The Secret Lives of Stars is the latest fulldome movie that can be enjoyed in the Planetarium. The Planetarium can be used not only for traditional star shows but also for music and theatre performances, various presentations and meetings and seminars. You are welcome to experience armchair travel to the distant reaches of the starry sky!

When you take the lift up to the top of Näsinneula, you can admire the scenery from the tallest observation tower in all the Nordic countries. Moreover, you make acquaintance with the most famous symbol of Tampere. On view is a fantastic panorama of the city centre from the tower’s observation deck or from the rotating restaurant. In other directions, a breathtaking scenery of ridges and lakes. The height of the tower is 168 meters.