Restaurant Bröd Punavuori

The Bröd Punavuori is an urban bistro-style restaurant, whose food is a mix of Scandinavian, European and even Helsinkian. Bröd is local and delicious. The food is served in cooking pots, making it easy to split the helpings between a party as desired. Bröd is warm and tender. The side dishes are also served separately. The Bröd helpings are fresh and hearty. As the name and the logo suggest, bread plays a central role in the restaurant. In fact, bread is a matter of the heart for the restaurant. All guests are offered locally baked bread, served to the table in baking tins, a symbol of which is also depicted in the Bröd logo. Bröd is inspiring and friendly. Bröd is on the Boulevard and part of Punavuori. Bröd is top quality and easy.

Bulevardi 26
Helsinki 00101 FI
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