The island of Reposaari is located just outside Pori on the Gulf of Bothnia at the outlet of the River Kokemäenjoki. It lies by the ancient sea route leading from the Baltic Sea to the trading centres located at the mouths of many rivers on the west coast area of Ostrobothnia. The island is about three kilometres long and a half kilometre wide. It is situated in the immediate vicinity of the mainland. Because of its favourable location and this uniquely sheltered and deep natural harbour Reposaari was well known to tradesmen and warriors. In 1558 Reposaari was given by Duke John “for the use and enjoyment” to the town of Pori founded in that same year. At first the island was used by fishermen and summer pasture for livestock. As early as the 17th century the inhabitants of Pori began to use the natural harbour of the island as a port loading for the biggest ships. With the silting of the outlet of the river Kokemäenjoki at the beginning of the 19th century, Reposaari was increasingly utilised as the outer harbour of Pori.

Before 1956 Reposaari could be reached only by boat. The road to the island was completed that year. First the road stretches over a bay, then continues through various islands and islets and finally reaches Reposaari itself. Reposaari is a village of distinct character, friendly and fascinating. To holidaymakers it can offer magnificent maritime scenery and places of interest. The island´s wooden houses of individual character and the beautiful park close to the harbour add a picturesque touch to the island´s enchanting milieu. Traditions were respected in Reposaari for a long time – an example of this was the one-hour siesta at noon that was given up just a few years ago: all shops were closed and people disappear from the streets and alleys.