Ranua Wildlife Park

Established in 1983, Ranua Wildlife Park provides visitors with the opportunity to observe arctic animals throughout the year, in as authentic environment for the animals as possible. Specialising in arctic and northern animal species, Ranua is home to approximately 50 wild animal species and 200 individuals, who live in spacious pens in the midst of a northern conifer forest, which is the natural habitat of most of the species here. Ranua Wildlife Park holds the distinction of being the northernmost zoo in the world, and is Lapland’s leading tourist attraction for families.

Throughout the park there are numerous scenic woodland pathways through the beautiful and natural forest surroundings, which give Ranua more of an impression of a National Park than a zoo.

Ranua Wildlife Park is open every day of the year, and has an international reputation for its extensive programs in the protection of endangered species, and is well known in Finland for taking care of orphaned and injured animals found in the wild.

Throughout the park there are playgrounds for children, including the delightful Fairytale Park. There is also a domestic zoo where kids can get up close with common domesticated animals and pet some of them, as well as a car track where they can practice their driving skills. Visitors can dine in the Café White Swan, or they can bring their own food and use the two grilling spots available to cook on while enjoying a picnic nearby.