Hesburger Jumbo

Finnish Fast Food at Hesburger

Frequent visitors to Finland will have realised that Hesburger is a permanent fixture in the Finnish fast-food world, with restaurants right across the country. The Finnish, family-owned business had very humble beginnings, developing from a single grill stand in Naantali to the national staple it has become today.

The menu is as one would expect in a fast-food restaurant, with the added bonus of having a lot more options than usual. There are 11 ways to have a burger, 3 types of tortilla, 2 types of toastie, a selection of 6 salads, as well as nuggets, onion rings, and soy fingers, with over a dozen dips and sauces to go along with them. There is also a kids menu. For those with a sweet tooth, or just looking for something refreshing to drink, Hesburger provides a choice of six different smoothies and fruities, and another five different milkshakes, as well as a selection of 15 different desserts.

In order to minimise its carbon footprint, Hesburger operates as energy-efficiently as possible, producing its own renewable energy, optimising deliveries, recycling materials and actively developing more environmentally-friendly packaging materials and methods. Their product range includes items whose production and service carbon footprint is fully compensated by participating in climate change prevention projects.

Vantaanportinkatu 3
Vantaa 01510 FI
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